Lawsuit Filed Against Mexican Restaurant

Last week, Kimble Law, along with co-counsel Beggs Law Offices, filed a complaint on behalf of a group of waiters and cooks against Los Arrieros Mexican Restaurant in Bucyrus, Ohio.

The plaintiff servers allege that they have not been paid any wages at all throughout their employment, and regularly worked over 60 hours per week.  Instead of receiving wages, servers allege they received tips from customers as their only compensation.  In addition to not receiving any minimum wages or overtime wages whatsoever, plaintiff servers also allege they are required to pay a portion of their tips to the owners, and are required to pay for uniforms expenses out of pocket.

The plaintiff cook alleges that he regularly worked over 70 hours per week, but received only $400 per week for all of the hours he worked.  He alleges that he never received any overtime payments as required by law.

If you work in a restaurant or as a tipped worker and believe you are not being compensated properly, contact Kimble Law Office today for a free consultation.

Ornelas, et al v. Los Arrieros, LLC, et al, 15 cv. 1361 (N.D. Ohio)

ADVERTISING ONLY: The information on this blog is not, nor is not intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation. 

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